Detech Coffee

Vietnamese lifestyle

Detech Coffees goal is to make great coffee from Vietnam available to the world.
  • Typical for Vietnam
  • Made and manufactured in Vietnam
  • Manufactured in a socially responsible way
We want to control the quality from cherry to cup. In order to achieve this, we are not only selling green beans, but we get involved in the process when the cherry is picked.

Coffee cooperative with wet mill

The cooperative is located in Tong Chinh village, Chieng Ban commune, Mai Son district, Son La province, Vietnam.
We work with a group of farmers, whose families each own approximately 1.5 ha (3.7 acres) of Arabica (Catimor) land. Most of them are of ethnic minorities. This year we will build our wet mill together to increase the quality of coffee by improving fermentation and drying.

Dry mill

The dry mill is located in Di Su commune, My Hao district, Hung Yen province.
It is equipped with British, Swiss and domestic technology to process and screen the Arabica parchment to reach the highest quality of the coffee beans possible. The capacity of the dry mill is 20 metric tons per day.

Funksy Beans

Great Coffee. Better Life.

Funksy Beans will change your mind about coffee from Vietnam. Highest quality produced with love and determination in a sustainable way.

Available as raw coffee, espresso beans, for brewed coffee and the typical vietnamese drip coffee.


Konnai Coffee

Amazingly awakening.

Konnai stands for sound coffee enjoyment from Vietnam at a reasonable price.

Available as espresso beans, brewed coffee and single serve.


Miriams Coffee

An Intentional Moment.

Miriams Coffee is a modern style coffee house in Hanoi, Vietnam. It serves only the best international coffees and of course vietnamese coffee specialties.



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